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How To Rethink Building Materials

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Rethink Building Materials is written by 35 of Australia’s leading thinkers and practitioners in sustainable design and building.

Edited by Dick Clarke, the director of Envirotecture and a judge in the BPN Sustainability Awards 2014, the book includes contributions from designers, architects, academics and scientists on various aspects regarding materials and sustainability in the building industry.

The content is devised to equip architect/designers, builders and consumers with the knowledge and tools to make decisions based on science and experience. Clarke explains “it does not tell you what to think, but what to think about”.

It focuses on different themes including what a sustainable future in buildings is all about, a look at the issues behind the choices we make, contested ideas about material impacts and the fast-approaching horizon of new materials.

Experts showcase the process of selecting appropriate materials for houses, while manufacturers also demonstrate how they have embraced sustainability. The characteristics and impacts of building materials are also reviewed.

Among the impressive line-up of contributors is Caroline Pidcock, another member of the Sustainability Awards 2014 jury; former Sustainability Awards judges Chris Reardon (Suntech Design) and Malay Dave (UNSW); as well as award winners including Tone Wheeler (Environa Studio) and Jeremy Spencer (Positive Footprints).

The book is now out of print, but is available for PDF purchase via the Rethink Building Materials website.



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