Beautiful, Sustainable Building Design
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Passivhaus Architects
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Eco Architects Designing Beautiful, Comfortable, Affordable Spaces
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Sustainable Public & Commercial Spaces Make Your Building & Your People More Efficient
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Sustainable House Design

At Envirotecture we will help you create the family home you have always envisioned. A home that works well, feels good, is kind to the environment, culturally appropriate and reduces energy and running costs.

We design houses that are lovely to live in without causing mortgage stress.

Envirotecture regularly collaborates with different kinds of builders to achieve good results on restricted budgets.

Whether you are looking for sustainable building design, a passivhaus, consulting services or a sustainable design review… we can help you.

Public & Commercial Building Design

At Envirotecture we help you future-proof your investment, providing cost-effective design solutions for your commercial project.

We design your building to help reduce your operating costs, optimize the life cycle of your building and increase your property value.

Sustainable design will also improve your workplace environment, and increase your employee’s attendance and productivity. Whatever the size of your project, we’ll help you achieve the maximum return on your investment. Take a look at some of our sustainable public & commercial projects

PassivLaneway certified!

Our second passivhaus has been certified. This elegant little number sits atop a garage fronting laneway on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. A huge thanks to our wonderful clients, a great builder and everyone else who made it happen.


The horror summer: more inquiries but will they ask the right questions?

The NSW Government has initiated an inquiry into the horrendous summer of 2019-20. This is a good move, provided it asks the right questions. The federal government has initiated a Royal Commission into the same things, yet it has effectively excluded climate change form its terms of reference. That is a bad move (and we are being kind).


We’re hiring!

Envirotecture are looking for a new member for our passionate team. If you’d like to work with us in delivering some great sustainable outcomes to our wonderful clients then please get in touch.