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Design Matters National 2023 AWARD WINNERS!

Posted by admin on 03/02/2024 at 12:31 pm

It sure was a BIG YEAR for this little house!

At the DMN 2023 Awards evening in Melbourne, we received three more awards:

Design Matters National (DMN) Awards 2023: WINNER Environmentally Sustainable Design

Design Matters National (DMN) Awards 2023: WINNER Residential Rural Design

Design Matters National (DMN) Awards 2023: WINNER New Home ($1m-$2m category)

We’re still shocked this project is gaining so much attention, but are grateful that its sustainability intentions are resonating with the entire industry about what is possible for the future of Australian Homes to be more resilient and regenerative.

It’s been good fun to be attending awards nights in person again after the past few years of online events! It’s always a great opportunity to catch up with our industry colleagues who are also passionate about sustainable design as we’re all very supportive of each other’s successes! Thanks to DMN for these photographs of the event:

This home’s real beauty is more about what you can’t see.
Its inner beauty – its genuine ethical responsibility and loving kindness towards people and the planet – is what really makes it shine.

We’re very passionate about integrating the biophilic and regenerative-design lessons from this single-family home to other typologies and locations – i.e. multi-residential homes in cities should also be healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient and resilient!

Envirotecture work across many scales, and we also offer Passivhaus and Sustainability-Consulting too as we’re serious about implementing our intentions and collaborating with more others in the industry to see better buildings becoming the new normal.

We’re always keen to meet more kinfolk so get in touch if you’d like to start the conversation with a team who puts our ambitions into actions each day – we’d love to chat so together we can walk the talk to a better future!




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