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Growth can be good…

Posted by admin on 18/10/2021 at 9:49 am

Every now and then Envirotecture goes through a growth spurt. Oh look – we are going through one now!

If you think you would be a good fit for our team, have a crack at the quiz below, and send your responses, along with any documents you think back them up, to before Monday 15 November.

You are unlikely to be able to honestly answer yes to all of our questions – unless you are Wonderwoman or Superman – but maybe enough to make us all happy. Please answer each question.

The Not Quite 20 Question Quiz:

1. Do you think the need for sustainable buildings is more urgent than ever?
2. Do you enjoy putting in that extra bit of effort and ingenuity to see a better than average result?
3. Have you documented a residential project in Australia from concept to completion?
4. Have you been ‘forest bathing’ recently?
5. Have you completed a Certified Passive House Building?
6. Are you better than us at Sketch-up?
7. Are you a certified Passive House Designer?
8. Do you rock climb, ocean swim, or jump out of aeroplanes?
9. Do you have hand sketching skills – can you sketch your house or apartment, in perspective from the street, from memory?
10. Do you know Vectorworks, if not, do you know its friends?
11. Have you had on-site construction experience in Australia, or elsewhere?
12. Do you believe beauty, functionality and performance must go hand in hand in a sustainable building?
13. Most of our staff opt to get paid for their work – would you like that option too?
14. If you do jump out of aeroplanes, do you use a parachute, especially if the plane is not sitting on the tarmac?
15. What else would you contribute to the work that Envirotecture does?

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