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Biophilic Bungalow

“We are seeking a home that is not only wonderful for us to live in, but also brings us and our community closer to nature, and makes nature healthier. Our aspiration is for this home to be energy positive, carbon-neutral, water-resilient, healthy and nature positive…”

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Project Details

The Biophilic Bungalow Story

The Biophilic Bungalow brief started with an intention to set an example and inspire the community to rethink the approach to designing single-family dwellings in existing neighborhoods and how they can contribute positively to health and vitality of living systems.

This is a renovation and extension project celebrating the existing 100 year old Californian Bungalow working towards achieving Passivhaus Standards and Living Building Challenge Certification (Core + Energy Petal).

The design aims to improve the health and comfort of humans, but also aims to create a living sanctuary inclusive of broader/larger ecosystems inviting new visitors (birds,bees, etc!) to be a part of this project.

The building focuses on being a healthy, natural and non-toxic, regenerative design approach, with low embodied and operational energy levels. The design balances the integration of Passive Solar Design, Passivhaus Principles and Living Building Challenge Requirements with the site constraints, existing site conditions and local climatic conditions – views, orientation, site slope, sun, wind and rain. It has been designed with taking inspirations from the character of the existing Californian Bungalow and integrating Biophilic Design Principles into creating an intimate connection between the old and the new.

The home design aims to create a little sanctuary in the hustle and bustle of suburbs – going back to a simple way of living, honouring the seasons, and reconnecting with nature whilst respecting the site and its non-human inhabitants too. This project is an invitation to consider how an architectural project can also aim to have a positive impact on a site, and help improve biodiversity with the nature-inclusive landscape design. Biophilic design and caring for the wellbeing of the natural environment reminds us that we are a part of nature, and this in turn improves our wellbeing too.

To know more about the client’s story, please visit “The Biophilic Bungalow” Website.

This project is also listed on the International Living Future Institute’s website as a case study.


Project Information

Country: Boon Wurrung / Bunurong Country

Location: Hampton, Victoria

Project type: Residential – Renovation/Double Storey Extension

Size: 240 m2 (100 m2 renovation and 140m2 extension)


Project Elements

• Biophilic Design

• Passivhaus Principles

• Living Building Challenge

• Regenerative Design Principles

• Health and Vitality of Living Systems

• Inclusive of larger ecosystems

• Celebrating the past heritage and character

• All-electric home (no gas!)

• Low Operational Energy with very little heating/cooling requirements (up to 90% less than a typical home in Victoria)

• Low embodied-carbon

• Passive Solar Design with appropriate orientation, cross ventilation, shading, triple-glazing, and high levels of insulation

• Air-tight and Healthy indoor air quality

• Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)

• Non-toxic materials

• Minimal thermal bridges

• Universal Accessibility

• Less Construction Waste

• Water Resilient

• Community Involvement

• Ecological design considerations to improve biodiversity


Client Testimonial

“It continues to be a privilege to have Envirotecture guiding me and my family on this regenerative house building journey. They are deeply committed to transforming the way we build homes in Australia and the need for a stepchange towards healthy, high performance designs that benefit home owners and the planet.”

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