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Project Stages

We can save you both time and money with our clearly defined and logical project stages.

These project stages have been developed from over 35 years of building sustainable buildings and they are designed to help you in the following ways:

  • provide you with a thorough understanding of the building process
  • adapt to your changing needs
  • allow for continual development of your design, gradually adding the necessary detail
  • avoid wasted work on your project by following each stage to its conclusion
  • enable control of your project costs
  • identify potential hurdles before they arise
  • adapt to the requirements of your council and other relevant authorities
  • allow for regular budget checks to ensure your project achieves its financial goals

Your Projects 7 Stages!

Your project will usually progress through the seven stages or your project will move through only the stages called for in the design brief, which is usually all seven, or it may skip one or more.

This is how each stage generally works…

Stage 1 – Brief and Site Visit. We look at the site and how to make it work for your best result, rather than fighting it. Then we ‘get inside your thinking’ to fully understand what the building needs to do to meet your needs and your budget. This is ‘asking the right question’, which the design seeks to answer. It’s very unlikely you will get the answer you need if we don’t start by asking the right question.

Stage 2 – Concept design. We respond to ‘the question’ posed by your brief, your budget and your site. We create a preliminary sketch plan that responds to both your needs and to the environment that your building is located in, and do a preliminary budget estimate.

Stage 3 and 4

Stage 3 – Develop 3D design. We transform your concept design into a tangible 3D model so you can clearly visualise the design. At this stage we begin to add in the details, select the specific materials, finalise floor plans, and think about locations for furniture and fittings. We will usually begin discussions with likely builders to run a more detailed budget check.

Stage 4 –Planning approvals documentation. We fully coordinate and submit your development application, general planning or construction permit to your local council. Our experienced team and our specialist consultants have both the understanding of and experience with the council applications and the approvals processes, helping to enable approval of your building submission.

Stage 5 and 6

Stage 5 – Construction approval documentation. We now turn your development application drawings into construction documents. As well as enabling your builders to quote on your job, these documents illustrate the essence of the design and provide the technical specifications and schedules for your build.

Stage 6 – Tendering. We can recommend builders for your job, help you collate your list of preferred builders or work with a builder you have already chosen. We will prepare your tender documents and help you assess builder’s quotes and chose the right builder for your job. Once you’ve chosen your builder, we will prepare the contract documents for you.


Stage 7

Stage 7 – Construction monitoring. We will work with your chosen builder to facilitate a successful construction process, helping to resolve construction details, and ensuring the outcome you desire.

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