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Passive solar design

Passive solar design uses the natural forces of nature to create a comfortable indoor environment. Traditional, or vernacular architecture has utilised this for centuries as it was the only option.

Passive solar design shares many similarities with Passive House. If you want to understand the differences, see our Passive Solar Design vs Passive House 101.

Passive solar design, or passive design consists of the following elements.

  1. Orientation
    We look at which way your building faces and determine where the living or working areas are located within the floorplan. We take into account your climate zone (hot, cold, humid, dry) and topography (north facing, south facing, shading, breezes etc).
  1. Zoning
    This is how spaces within your floorplan can be separated from each other,  for isolated heating or cooling, and acoustics.
  1. Ventilation
    You want to allow breezes to move through your floorplan, and allow your building to night purge (if your climate zone allows).
  1. Thermal mass
    We choose building materials that will retain heat or keep you cool. These need to be appropriately located as too little or too much in some locations can be unhelpful.
  1. Insulation
    Good insulation prevents uncontrolled heat flowing through your building, keeping your inside temperature more stable year round.
  1. Shading
    We use fixed or moveable devices to control solar access into your building.
  2. Glazing
    The right glass and window selection is critical to balancing the need for free winter heating and avoiding undesirable overheating in summer.

An approach that really works

With over 35 years’ experience in sustainable building design we know that our approach works, regardless of the scale of your build.

Sustainable architecture develops buildings that are simply beautiful, comfortable to live in and in harmony with their natural and built environments.

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