Beautiful, Sustainable Building Design

Why is localness important to sustainable building design?

Localness is how your building responds to its immediate context.

It is about ‘fitting in’ to its immediate environments, including the natural, historical and built environment.

When your building fits into its environment, your needs are met in a way that works with, rather than tries to fight, the forces of nature.

Localness – Introduction

How will ‘localness’ affect your building design?

When we design your building we want to create you a naturally comfortable and delightful building that requires minimal external inputs.

One of the ways we do this is by designing your building to respond to its surroundings, giving a big ‘hint’ as to where it is in the world.

Localness – Cultural Pathways

When we are creating your building design we firstly consider the ‘local’ factors that immediately impact the design. These are factors you cannot change.

  • your building sites local topography, the slope of the land and any physical barriers on the site
  • the orientation of your building site, which part of the building site is north-facing
  • your local climate, wind and rain and temperature extremes
  • your suburbs local history, and the types of buildings that surround your building site

How can we make localness work for your design?

Once we understand the local environment of your building site we design your building to work within your local context.

Our understanding of the natural world and of your neighbourhood character will enhance your understanding of localness and provide a new perspective when we are designing your building.

We understand that you are building tomorrow’s heritage today, and we treat the design process with the care and consideration it deserves.

Localness – Sustainable Development

Working with the Elements

Our sustainable building design does not fight the elements, using inordinate amounts of materials and energy to provide habitation and commercial spaces. Rather it works with all the elements, taking advantage of the natural characteristics of each element, just as the residents of the Australian landscape have done for millennia.

This approach works with all building projects, whether new residential or renovations, commercial, or public buildings, creating sustainable architecture in Australia.

Localness – So what does it all mean?

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Words and ideas: produced as a collaborative between Trevor King and Dick Clarke.

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