Beautiful, Sustainable Building Design


Welcome to Envirotecture, where we have a strong desire for all people to live, work and play in buildings that are healthier for people and planet.
We truly care about our natural-environment, and we care about ensuring the built-environment we create with our clients aligns with our shared vision and values.
We don’t see our role as Architects/Designers just as a ‘job’ – it’s much more than that.
When you join our team it is not just as a career, it as a carer – caring for the day-to-day tasks you do, but extending to caring for why we do the work we do. 

“When you’re passionate about your purpose, it feels good to do good things with good people for the greater good!”

WHO are Envirotecture?

Envirotecture have been recognised for over 25 years for our leadership in sustainable & regenerative design. 

  • We share a passion for creating healthy, beautiful, functional, comfortable and sustainable architecture. Our intention is for our work to have a positive impact on people and planet.
  • Our projects are predominantly residential (new homes, extensions & renovations/retrofits)
  • We also do larger multi-res, community and commercial projects.
  • We also provide Consultancy Services
  • Our design approach starts with the fundamentals of building-science, and then looks more holistically at the intentions of each project. 
  • We don’t accept ‘Business as Usual’ as a viable option… we design to the  international Passive House (Passivhaus) standard, integrated with biophilic design and the Living Building Challenge (LBC) concepts for a Living Future. 
  • We currently work on projects across Australia. 
  • We value collaborative interpersonal relationships with our team, clients, consultants and contractors.

WHERE are Envirotecture?

We currently have studios in two locations:

  • Our NSW Studio is in Sydney’s Northern Beaches
  • Our VIC Studio is in Ballarat in Central Victoria

(This followed our merger with the team at Talina Edwards Architecture in 2022)

*NOTE: If we are advertising a role below, ensure you CHECK LOCATION before applying.

WHAT are Envirotecture’s values?

  • CARE FOR NATURE (sustainability & regenerative ethos)
  • COMPASSION & COMMUNICATION (relationships with people & place)
  • COLLABORATIVE (valued team-player)
  • CONTINUING EDUCATION(desire to grow/learn)
  • CONFIDENCE (“can-do” attitude and not accept “Business As Usual” as the default)
  • CREDIBLE (integrity/authenticity/honesty)
  • COMMITTED (dedicated & passionate)

WHY join the Envirotecture team?

Benefits of working with us
This is an awesome opportunity to join our growing practice as part of our evolution of Envirotecture.
Be a part of our collaborative working environment, amongst others who share a passion for our purpose.

Work with a team that cares
While we encourage and respect a diverse range of people with different personalities, experience, strengths, and backgrounds in our team… one thing that we must have in common is our values. This is not only important to our studio-culture, and for successful projects with our clients, we see it as the guiding motivation behind our life’s paths.

Work-Life Balance
Most of our team do a 4-day work week, (hello 3-day weekend!)
We never expect staff to do overtime, or work on weekends.
We support staff with flexible hours due to each of their personal circumstances.

Flexible work arrangements
We really value the in-person studio culture of learning and teaching between our staff when in the office together.
When requested, we support staff with flexibility to occasionally Work From Home if there’s a need to do so.

Professional Development
We want to see you learn and grow in your career with us.
We support and encourage professional-development opportunities.

Carbon Neutral Practice
We believe in walking the talk. We’ve been a Carbon-Neutral Practice since 2012.
In addition to our Carbon Offsets, we are also ‘Friends of Fifteen Trees’, supporting tree-planting community projects.

We’re Advocates for building a better future
We’re not just environmental-architects; we’re passionate advocates for a more sustainable and regenerative future for all.
We are not only ambitious in our pursuits – we put these ideals into action.

HOW to keep in touch for future roles at Envirotecture?

If there are no current roles listed below (or the current role advertised does not suit your experience), the best way to be kept up to date for new opportunities is to:

Get a sense that you’re a kindred spirit?
We often trust in serendipity and that the right people seem to appear at the right time, so if you feel that you might be the right fit for us (but your “right” role isn’t advertised above), don’t be discouraged – we’d still love to hear from you!  

Contact us with any questions, or send your CV… you never know when the stars might align for us to work together…

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