Beautiful, Sustainable Building Design

Sustainability Design Training

Maybe you are about to build and are looking for practical, do-it-yourself, solutions for your building project?

Or you might work in the building industry and you would like to incorporate sustainable building principles to your work?

Perhaps you are a student who wants to further understand sustainable building design?

At Envirotecture we offer a range of sustainability design training courses focussed on sustainable building design and construction.

Our training workshops are suitable for:

  • architects
  • building designers
  • developers
  • builders
  • trade suppliers
  • council staff
  • students
  • owner builders
  • homeowners contemplating renovation or new building


Past clients have included Councils, the Housing Industry Association (HIA), the Building Designers Association (BDA), and the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA), among others.


We regularly present on healthy, comfortable, efficient, resilient and sustainable homes from our experience with:

  • Retrofit/Efficiency-first/Get-off gas
  • Passive Solar Design
  • 7-star homes
  • Net Zero Carbon homes
  • Building Science and Passivhaus
  • Healthy homes
  • Biophilic Design
  • Living  Building Challenge

& more!

Leaders in our field

Envirotecture is now over 25 years old, and our directors collective have over 100 years experience in sustainable design! We’re still young at heart and always learning, but our directors have all been recognised as leaders in the industry – for their generous ongoing commitment to advocacy and education.

Dick Clarke, Envirotecture’s founding Director, has consulted to and written fact sheets for the renowned Your Home Technical Manual, produced by the Australian Government. He is also an Al Gore trained volunteer presenter of the Australian Conservation Foundation’s Climate Project.

Andy Marlow regularly delivers workshops for many Sydney Councils, he has tutored at University of Technology, Sydney and the University of New South Wales. In 2015 he delivered a TEDx talk at TEDx Pittwater.

Talina Edwards is passionate about sharing knowledge about sustainable design – both theory and the more practical aspects with case studies. She has given many presentations to community groups and sustainability expos or open-house tours, for industry CPD lectures and workshops, she’s been a keynote speaker at multiple conferences, delivered national and international webinars and more.

Contact us to find out about our upcoming workshops or for speaker-opportunities.

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