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Love Jobs

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to be able to help people for whom design was out of reach. These projects usually deliver themselves to our door, there is a story behind each one.

Envirotecture has always been driven to make the world a better place through great design, the Love Jobs are one way to make that happen.

Irukandji Shark and Ray Encounters

We are designing the new Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters facility, where people come face to face with sharks and rays. Confronting? These are not the ‘bitey’ species, the purpose is to help visitors understand the importance of apex predators in healthy ecosystems.


Triplets House

The Read Triplets were born with muscular dystrophy and are wheelchair bound. Envirotecture are very proud to be involved in the effort to design and build a home to cater to the needs of the Read family, now and into the future.


Little Pot of Gold

Created for the Design Matters National True Zero Carbon Challenge competition, this design looks deeply into the health, comfort and carbon impact of single family homes in Australia and finds our nation lacking!


Passivhaus in Australia

We made a book! (with a lot of help from some friends)

Passivhaus in Australia is part inspiration, part record and part instruction guide but most of all, a call to arms; we need this, we know how to do this, we have nothing to wait for…….


Laos schools

Envirotecture is supported a project to rebuild village schools in Salavan Province in Southern Laos, partnering with World Concern and local villagers, supported by the Lao Government.


Wakisa House

Located in Kampala, Uganda, Wakisa House is a 50 bed hostel was designed by Envirotecture in collaboration with a local architect.


Homes On Wheels

Envirotecture also has a boutique arm of the business designing small things that provide habitation and move, with lowest practical ecological impact. Mostly these would otherwise known as motorhomes, though there’s the odd solar powered boat in the mix as well.

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