Beautiful, Sustainable Building Design

Sometimes you just want a second opinion

Perhaps your builder or designer does not feel they are at the leading edge of this specialty?

Or maybe you want to mix the skills of two preferred experts?

Either way, we can do a sustainability review of any existing design work.

Your project is unique

Your project has its own unique constraints, and we can work within these to optimise the very best result possible.

Our input will be guided by your budget, and the relationship you have with your designer or builder.


We work with the full spectrum of builders and designers, including:

  • volume builders big and small, including Clarendon Homes and Mirvac
  • architects
  • building designers

We also understand the need to make different recommendations for project builders and for custom builders, because they operate in different ways and within different budget constraints.

Add further value

We can add further value by preparing all or part of your design specification. Just bring us your existing design and we can help you to ensure it is as sustainable and future-proof as possible.

We can review any or all of the following:

  • orientation on the site
  • floor plan
  • location of thermal mass
  • detailed design elements, such as window & glazing design, ventilation, shading design and insulation

We are constantly told by our clients that we add value to the result way beyond the nominal extra cost.

Best possible outcome

Using a teamwork approach, we work with your architect, designer or builder to bring the best possible outcome in:

  • thermal performance and passive design
  • low operational energy and efficiency
  • water efficiency
  • waste water treatment and reuse
  • indoor air quality and zero-toxicity
  • low embodied energy
  • minimised off-site and production impacts

We can also do the thermal performance modelling for BASIX (in NSW) and the BCA/NCC (in all other states).

Future-proof your investment

We can help you future-proof your investment with our sustainability review.

Future-proofing is part of the groundswell of change that has begun to transform the housing market. This move to sustainable housing will accelerate in the next 5 to 10 years as:

  • regulation and market expectation are moving to 6 Stars and beyond
  • energy costs continue to rise
  • mandatory disclosure* of thermal performance at point of sale is being instigated Australia-wide

Let our design work for you in years to come

Our sustainability review can help prevent your building from being devalued by the market, as has happened to poorly rated houses in the ACT. In the ACT a 1.5 star house is 15% lower valued than an otherwise equivalent 5 star house, and takes 6 weeks longer to sell (REIACT, 2009).

Let us help you make your design work for you in the years to come.

Contact us to discuss what we can do for you and your project.

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