Beautiful, Sustainable Building Design

Collaroy Cottage

This 1920s vintage beach cottage was sitting a little precariously on an unstable slope on the coastal escarpment, and was in need of saving before a landslip took it away.

The first task, commenced in 1999, was to stabilise the site with proper drainage and retaining walls behind, beneath, and then in front of the house. Then it could be renovated, and a new top floor added.

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Project Details

With sensitive design and highly skilled surgical building techniques, the hundred year old house was rejuvenated and given at least another hundred years of useful life, with double glazing, high insulation values, and non-toxic materials and finishes throughout.

Passive solar design principles were used with a morning bias to offset the early winter sunsets caused by the escarpment to the west. All appliances are gas-free and solar powered by rooftop solar.

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Builder: Superior Constructions

Photography by Kayle Barton

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