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ArchiTeam Awards – WINNER of Sustainability Medal

Posted by admin on 03/02/2024 at 11:11 am

In the flurry of excitement (and exhaustion!) that was 2023, we forgot to post this about our wins at the ArchiTeam Awards!

Our Huff’nPuff Haus picked up 2 more awards amongst some brilliant projects by other small-practice architects so this was yet another surprise win that we are all very grateful to have received this acknowledgment.

It won the best house in its category: Resdiential New Home ($1m+ category)
AND it picked up the prestigious Sustainability Medal (which is the one we really care about! Our Director Talina has been the proud recipient of the ArchiTeam Sustainability Medal 3 times now over the past 5 years)

The judges said:
“The design approach is unpretentious in its architectural form yet highly intentional in its meticulous detailing and construction.” 

Text from the awards booklet:


All entries are eligible to win this Medal and an award must be given in this category.
This medal is to be judged on the above criteria as well as showing sensitivity to sustainability principles.
This can be quite general – from innovative re-use of an existing structure through to a more complex response to sustainability.

Winner: Huff’n’Puff Haus  – Envirotecture

Judges Citation:  With a simple goal to design a self-sufficient, low carbon footprint and off-grid home this project provides a well-considered self-sustaining weekend retreat or retirement abode.

What initially started as an endeavour to construct a resilient and forward-looking dwelling encountered a series of challenges, including unfavourable site orientation, material limitations, and accessibility constraints. In response to these hurdles, the design approach is unpretentious in its architectural form yet highly intentional in its meticulous detailing and construction. Utilizing readily available construction technologies, from strawbale walls to a truss roof, the project serves as a model building that encourages the art of craftsmanship in construction.

This project demonstrates a steadfast dedication to a core set of basic and uncomplicated principles, persistently overcoming every challenge it faces. The end result is a home that provides its residents with a morally conscientious home, possessing resilience and adaptability to different climatic conditions, while also catering to the requirements of aging in place.

This project vividly illustrates the commitment to a set of fundamental and straightforward principles, persevering through each obstacle encountered. The resulting house offers its inhabitants an ethically responsible dwelling that is resilient and future-proof, capable of adapting to varying climatic conditions and accommodating the needs of aging in place.

We congratulate all the deserving winners!

The ethos behind this lovely home can be applied to all projects – retrofits, renovations, suburban homes, multi-residential, community and commercial projects too!
If you’re interested to find out more about this could manifest for your particular project, please contact us.

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