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Passivhaus Purity certified

Posted by admin on 01/10/2021 at 4:34 pm

The Asquith Passivhaus has now been certified as a Passive House Premium building. It is the first in NSW and only the third in the country.

This home is pure passivhaus, compact form, minimal east/west glazing, great shading, and very simple lines (although that’s not actual passivhaus related).

The 20kWp solar system is already generating way in excess of what the homes consumes (~15kWH/day) for five people in this all electric home.

Fancy pictures still to come, the ones above kindly provided by our wonderful client, Chris.

A big thanks to Jamie Graziano and the team at Superior Constructions for another well executed job. As well as Elke HaegeCarbonlite, Logikhaus, Fantech and Alpine Air for their collective assistance along the journey.

Now just to finish the green roof…..

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