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Monkey see – monkey do? Sustainable House Day 2017

Posted by admin on 04/08/2017 at 4:08 pm

“Monkey see – monkey do” works for me every time, and I reckon it does for most people: simply seeing what somebody has done to solve a problem , or create an idea, inspires us to do the same. Simply because we can see it is achievable.

What can you do to make your house work better? Ever wondered what “work better” looks like in the flesh (or in bricks and mortar, so to speak). Sustainable House Day is your opportunity to find out, first hand.

Sunday 17 September is the day, and the houses await you, spread across Australia’s populated areas (ok, so none in the Kimberley, the Tarkine, Cape York, or Snowy Mountains Wilderness!) – but lots in areas where you probably are!

Click this link to find some near you.

What does it mean for a house to ‘work better’? It means it will be more comfortable to live in, cheaper to run, and cause little or no ecological damage in the long term. What’s the downside? It might cost a bit more to build. But if you use a costing horizon longer than 3 years, you will start to see savings.

You have an opportunity to do some of the things you will see on your SHD visits immediately. Others may need a renovation, or a rebuild. But if you’re planning these, then seeing what others have achieved is priceless.

We will have several houses and events on the day, including:

  • North Sydney: Envirotecture director Andy Marlow speaking at The Coal Loader.
  • North Narrabeen: The Treehouse will be open, with our own lovely Michelle Layland on hand to answer questions, along with its highly creative owner-builder Rodney.
  • Hazelbrook: Our first hemp house will be open, with its enthusiastic owners Ben and Mirella on hand to share the experience.
  • Mudgee: Our second hemp house, at Grattai, will also be open, with Envirotecture director Dick Clarke on hand to answer your questions, ably assisted by owner and solar-electrical wiz Chris.

Don’t forget to visit SHD website and register. We hope to see you there!

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