Beautiful, Sustainable Building Design

What is 'sustainable'?

Spaces that inspire the soul, that embody the beliefs of those who create it, live it, and use it are the most important of all.

Sustainable design or architecture is about creating buildings that:

  • respond to the climate and to the site that they sit on
  • reduce energy demand
  • are comfortable to live in
  • balance your social, environmental, and economic goals
  • are affordable
  • create healthy, safe places for you to live, work and play
  • minimize their environmental impact of the built environment

Your decision to choose sustainable design may also be influenced by one or more of the following factors.

Good for the environment

Buildings account for approximately 40% of human energy and resource consumption, and are doing so at a rate that is unsustainable. Therefore every building constructed contributes to increasing or reducing that 40% impact.

When you chose sustainable architecture you will create a positive, rather than a negative, impact on the environment through design features such as:

  • Better design that lasts longer, reducing the need to knock down and rebuild
  • Insulation that eliminates the need for artificial heating and cooling
  • Passive solar and natural ventilation, reducing power consumption
  • Buildings that follow the natural contours of the land instead of changing the land to suit the building, creating a smaller environmental footprint
  • Low impact methods of stormwater management
  • Water efficient plumbing fixtures and toilets
  • Use of harvested rain water

Financial rewards for home owners

You might think that sustainable design is more expensive than traditional design, but it actually works out to be a cheaper option with financial benefits such as:

  • lower running costs for your energy, water, maintenance/repair and other operating expenses
  • lower ‘churn’ rate (this is your need to reconfigure space or rebuild/extend/renovate your  building because of your changing needs)

The initial design and building cost of your sustainable building is often the same as, or lower than, that of a traditional building.

But even if your sustainable design has a slightly higher initial investment, the payback period is often short and the life cycle cost lower than the cost of non-sustainable design.

Economic benefits for businesses

Your business will benefit from the many economic benefits of sustainable architecture, such as:

  • better health, comfort, well-being, and productivity of your staff, leading in turn to reduction in levels of absenteeism and increased productivity
  • longer building lifetimes and increased asset value
  • improved ability to attract new employees to your business
  • reduced construction expenses in dealing with complaints, less time and lower costs in getting council permission for your build
  • reduced costs from air pollution damage and waste management
  • lower infrastructure costs, from avoided landfills, etc

Comfortable and stylish places for families to live

By choosing sustainable design you are improving the quality of life for your family, with a design that:

  • creates beautiful spaces for your family, bringing form and function together
  • controls humidity and temperature, for maximum comfort
  • maximizes natural daylighting and ventilation
  • minimizes sources of indoor pollutants by choice of natural building materials
  • reflects the way your family lives now
  • adapt to the changing needs of your family as you grow and change

Future-proof your investment with the best available technology

We can help you future-proof your investment with design that:

  • utilises the latest building and design technology
  • give your building the highest possible energy rating
  • substantially lower your energy costs
  • allows for flexibility and re-use, to curb future development
  • uses only high efficiency HVAC, plumbing, lighting and electrical


Sustainable design is simple and it works

We find that our clients come to sustainable design for a variety of reasons, but in the end they all agree that it makes sense and it works.

Take a look at our commercial and residential sustainable design solutions.

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