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Sydney blower door test invite

Posted by admin on 09/04/2017 at 8:53 pm

Blower door image

For those of you with an interest in seeing the mechanics of how a blower door test is undertaken, this is an invite to witness it in the flesh.

As Australia moves (slowly) towards improved building standards blower door testing, or air tightness, will become an increasing part of quality assurance ensuring that buildings can perform as designed.

In many countries air tightness testing is mandatory. In many of those a minimum level of performance is mandated by the building code. Australia has not yet included this in the National Construction Code although rumour has it that it will be part of the next round of review for commercial buildings and possibly residential buildings too.

Here at Envirotecture we have always taken in keen interest in building performance. Recently we have been researching and developing several projects that take the Passive House approach of insulation, air tightness, ventilation, low energy and high comfort.

One of our current projects is a retrofit of an Inner West terrace house. We are about to undertake a pre-retrofit blower door test so we can quantify the step-by-step improvements.

The wonderful Sean Maxwell at ProClima will be undertaking the test and you are all invited. It is in Camperdown on Thursday 20 April at 4pm. If you would like to come along please drop us an email at It is a small house so places are very limited.

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