Beautiful, Sustainable Building Design

Pre-Purchase Consultations

When you invest in a new home it’s important to make sure your purchase is a wise long term investment that will cope with your family’s changing needs.

At Envirotecture we can assist you with your choice looking for a new home.

We can tell you whether a potential of property is likely to meet your future needs in terms of accommodation, comfort and health.

We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of any renovations you may need to undertake to meet those needs.

Inspecting your new home

During the inspection we discuss design potential, the existing building and access to sunlight, breezes and views.

Our advice is based on decades of design and construction experience and includes consideration of the likely regulatory requirements that would influence any future construction.

The consultation is a prudent investment before you commit to the huge financial and emotional investment in a new home.

We love it when we know that someone has found their best home, understood it’s potential and understands how to make it work even better for them down the track.

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